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vS Data Reaper Report #120 | Vicious Syndicate Welcome to the 120 th edition of the Data Reaper Report!. Our Data Reaper Project, including the Data Reaper Live has 4,700 active contributors and we thank them wholeheartedly. Contributing to the Data Reaper project through Track-o-Bot or Hearthstone Deck Tracker (recommended) allows us to perform our analyses and to issue the weekly reports. GvG Cogwatch Paladin Guide | Dot Esports

Golden card - Hearthstone Wiki While the underlying art for each card is created by a range of artists, the creation of golden card images requires additional work, transforming each static 2D image into a recoloured, animated, moving display. Hearthstone's golden card art is created by Becca Abel, Kyle Harrison, John Zwicker and Jon Briggs. Trivia [edit | edit source] Blizzard on the Rationale Behind the Newest Hearthstone ... Team 5 recently announced a number of nerfs designed to address the prominence of Druid in Hearthstone right now, and in a surprise move ... of decks that will be around the same win rate, and ... Hearthstone Meta Snapshot - tempostorm.com Tier 4: Inconsistent decks that are unrefined, out-of-flavor, overly niche, or retired. Taking wins off upper-tier decks requires an intimate understanding of the role of every card in the deck. Tier 5: Fun decks that should only be used if you play Hearthstone for the joy of the gameplay, rather than the joy of winning. Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project Card Analysis Lab (Part ...

Katrena Winterwisp can be played in a deck that use only high cost beasts like King Krush and have all low slots filled with non beasts cards

Identify what the strongest cards are and build around that. Have a reasonable upgrade path.Using budget versions of existing archetypes provides players with the ability to spend more dust to have a 'complete' deck. This way, if someone enjoys the deck or has more resources, they get more bang for their buck! Prioritize cards that aren't rotating. New Ways to Play Hearthstone: Formats (Standard and Wild)! A huge announcement has just been released that will completely change Hearthstone play in the near future. Standard and Wild formats are coming, if you're unfamiliar with the formats from something like Magic: The Gathering, they generally restrict the sets of cards you can use in that particular format. Hearthstone Is Getting Some Big Changes (And More Deck Slots) Blizzard is overhauling some core features of Hearthstone, adding a new format to their addictive digital card game and, perhaps most importantly, giving players more deck slots.

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Is there anyway to change the order of your decks in the ... 1. delete all the decks 2. re-create them in the order you want when re-creating them, the deck in the first deck slot goes to the upper left spot in the deck selection screen. The 2nd deck slot goes to the one to the right of that, and the 3rd goes to the right of that. The 4th goes to the first spot on the 2nd row, and so forth. Deck Tier List (Standard) - Rise of Shadows - May 2019 ... Our Hearthstone tier list contains a ranked review of the most competitive Hearthstone decks to play in the month of May 2019 (Season 62). Over the last few years, Metabomb has focused on producing a monthly round-up of the top decks being played in Hearthstone, complimented by our ever-growing collection of deck guides.

Let's use a classic example: We definitely could have handled it better, but even the infamous PC Gamer interview where deck slots were discussed (Ben has never actually said "deck slots are confusing" by the way) was aimed at new players, and was a way of explaining that one of the guiding principles of the Hearthstone UI is to always keep it ...

Hearthstone New Game Modes, Formats and Extra Deck Slots… Who doesn't want more deck slots?:) BIG Hearthstone news today - new game formats/modes are incoming, sets are rotating, basic and classic...In this video we go over all the details about the new Standard and Wild modes, Blizzard's reasoning for these changes and more... as well as deck slots. Mystical DECK SLOTS? | Hearthstone Amino With all the expansions like BRM and LOE 9 deck slots doesnt seems like enough. Blizzard supposedly working on adding more deck slots, but how they will do it? This is the real question.

You now know how to interpret the Hearthstone game state protocol! Here’s what you can look at with your newfound knowledge: Enable logging in Hearthstone. This is how Hearthstone Deck Tracker works. This is how we can create replays. Looking at your logs in real time will help you learn the internals of the game at a very deep level.

The Hearthstone community forums have moved! These forums are in read-only mode.By doing this you can order your decks, starting with the deck you want in the #1 slot, then #2, #3, etc. until you've cycled around. Petition · Add more deck slots to Hearthstone ·… In a recent interview with Jason Chayes (production director for Hearthstone), the topic of additional deck slots came up.Currently there are 9 total playable classes in Hearthstone. Each class typically has 2-3 popular deck configurations. At a very minimum, Hearthstone should allow us the ability to... Additional Deck Slots and Card Rotation Come to ‘… As revealed moments ago by Blizzard, Hearthstone is getting what will amount to the most significant (and inevitable) change to the game ever: CardWe’ve already been seeing this in Hearthstone with cards like Dr. Boom, a seven drop that’s so good it’s effectively an auto-include in every deck.

Downsizing Hearthstone: Balance Updates and the Wild Welcome back guys to another Wild Hearthstone Article. Today, we are going to be reviewing the recent balance changes, announced on the 31st of January and due to go live on the 5th of February 2019, while also determining their impact on the wild format.In terms of the nerfs specifically, we won’t be looking at them as stand-alone cards, but rather in conjunction with certain decks. Nine New Standard Decks You Haven't Seen by Adam … Nine New Standard Decks You Haven't Seen. Adam Yurchick. Mono Red was the most successful deck in the field, taking both finals slots in the SCG Classic, and winning the online PTQ. Mardu was not far behind, winning the Team Open and taking many Top 8 slots in various events. ... a Blue-Red Aggro deck built around flying creatures and ... [Wild] vS Data Reaper Report #16 | Vicious Syndicate